This webinar was organised by Al Balagh Academy on 18th March 2018. The purpose of this event was to create awareness and better understanding of concerns related to organ donation and to explore ways of bringing medical professionals, community leaders, religious scholars, and Muslim experts in Bioethics together to discuss issues of concern to the Muslim community.
The webinar, which was hosted by DR. RAFAQAT RASHID (Academic Director, Al Balagh Academy), consisted of 3 Panellists
1. MUFTI ZUBAIR BUTT: Senior Islamic Scholar, Institute of Islamic Jurisprudence, UK.
2. DR. AASIM PADELA: Associate Professor, The University of Chicago, USA & Director of Initiative on Islam and Medicine.
3. DR. MAJID MUKADAM: Heart and Lungs Transplant Surgeon, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham, UK.

The webinar attempts to explore the questions such as ;
What is the Islamic perspective on organs donation?
What is halal or haram in organ donation in Islam?
A brain-dead person can still be considered alive, so how can any vital organs, like the heart, be taken out?
Is the time of death determined according to when the brain dies or when the heart is removed?
What is the true meaning of “Our bodies belong to God”?
Why individual Muslims are hesitant when it comes to organ donation?

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