This webinar was organised by Al Balagh Academy on 13th May 2018. The purpose of this event was to create awareness and better understanding of Islamic rulings related to the fiqh and fatawa of Ramadan.

The webinar, which was hosted by DR. RAFAQAT RASHID (Academic Director, Al Balagh Academy), consisted of 2 Panellists

1. MUFTI AMJAD MOHAMMED: Principal of Olive Foundation and Director of Markazul Ifta , Bradford

2. Shaykh Sulaiman Ghani: Imam at Purely Masjid, Presenter, Iqra Tv London

The webinar attempts to explore the topics such as ;
The Moon sighting controversy
The 18 Degrees Prayer Timetable and Fajr Start Time
Fasting and Exam Stress
Taqwa and Ramadan

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