If we do not know Tasmiya by heart then can we play a recorded Tasmiya while slaughtering the animal? Will it be considered Halal?

This short Q&A clip / video is a part of “The Fiqh of Halal Food,” an online course at Al Balagh Academy. The course has been designed to provide profound understanding of Islamic rulings with respect to Halal and Haram food. It will analyze concepts, theories, issues and contemporary challenges and propose feasible solutions to establish, revive Islamic spirit of being Halal in today’s challenging Halal food industry.

Consuming Halal is an integral part of Islamic faith. It is a course which can take you on a journey to acquire true knowledge of Halal and Haram and help you be sure of what you are eating is Halal.

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Abu Abdullah
Abu Abdullah

ماشاء الله

Very good explanation. May Allah SWT accept this from Shaykh and the efforts of AlBalagh academy.

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